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"bizzarre bazaar"

New York 2017


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New York 2016

Italian figurative artist Tomaso Albertini will present a new series of works exploring the solids and voids of humanity's fate. Albertini combines paint, cardboard, and glue in a complex fusion of flat and bas-relief passages. His subjects appear trapped in their frames, reduced to segments and irregular surfaces. And yet they are revived from this state of semi-death by the imagination of the artist. In Skin, Albertini explores the negative human emotions hidden in secret worlds beneath the flesh. 

The work of Albertini is viscerally dark, yet so universal that anyone can relate to it.  By analyzing the epidemic lack of empathy in modern society, and the emotional superstructures that society uses to regulate individual interactions, he is able to reach his subject matter: authentic and unmediated feeling.  

In cities such as New York, that are so demanding of their residents as to nearly digest and excrete them as affectless, hyperproductive androids, wearing a mask might be the only way to preserve one’s humanity. In light of these observations, Albertini tortures his canvases to retrieve his characters' hidden feelings in a cathartic, even shamanic, experiment that allows him to retrieve his own soul.

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New York 2016

2019-Collective show at "The living Artist art center"(New York

2019-Solo Show "Portraits of reflection" Lazy Suzan Gallery(New York)

2019-Collective show "Cookies for Kids Cancer"(New York)

2018-Collective show Legacy Gallery (New York)

2018-Collective show"Con Artist All Stars" 198 Allen street (New York)

2018-Solo show "EVOLUTION" 198 Allen street (New York)

2018-Collective show "Cookies for Kids' Cancer"(New York)

2017-Urban Art Fair (FatFreeArt Gallery)(New York)

2017-"Old master meet the streets" collaboration with Sotheby's at Fatfreeart Gallery.(New York)

2017-Superfine Art Fair with ConArtist.(New York).

2017-"Bizzarre Bazaar" collective in FatFreeArt Gallery.(New York).

2016-"Skin" solo show at Greenpoint Galley.(New York)

2016"New York Shitty" collective show by ConArtist.(New York).

2015-solo show in MAIMERI FOUNDATION.(Milan)

2014-collective in Gallery Previtali.(Milan)

2013-Biennale Internazionale d' arte moderna contemporanea in Nizza Monferrato.(Italy)

2012-"B-side of the city" in Gallery Previtali.(Milan)

2011-"OLTRE" solo show in Metropolis Cafè.(Milan)

2010-"Logos e Phatos" biennale di Ferrara.(Ferrara)

2010-Performance live in Chiostro di sant' Anna.(Ferrara)

2010-"I Coloristi" in Gallery Il Borgo.(Milan)

2009-"Allunaggio"Gallery 9 Colonne.(Ferrara)

2009-"Allunaggio"Gallery D'Ars.(Milan)