Tomaso Albertini is an Italian artist.

In December 2015 Tomaso Albertini leaves Milano Italy and lands in New York City to pursue his artistic quest and dream. This city will change Tomaso forever, both artistically and personally.

The artist immediately creates something unique and innovative that will become his brand, creating the perfect fusion between sculpture and painting.

New York became a true source of inspiration, its streets impacting directly his color palette, its society nourishing the violent contrast in his creations; a way to express the contradiction of extreme poverty clashing with wealth in the same city in a surreal balance. 

Tomaso Albertini develops a unique style and technique for his portraits through the use of cardboard, a symbol of the consumerist New York. He creates three-dimensional art that allows him to accomplish the figure as if it were a sculpture and then paint on it as if it were a canvas. This unique technique introduces dynamics approaching sculpture. It is, in fact, a hybrid manifestation.


Albertini has worked with Fat Free Art gallery and Sotheby's, among other relevant galleries and auction houses and has been featured on publications including D/railed Mag and The Guardian.

Achievements & Press

2018 - Dubai — “Mantis Project”

2017 - Sothebys — Fresh Takes on Old Masters at Fat Free Art Gallery

2017 - The Guardian — Renaissance remixed: street artists add 'their own spin' to the old masters 

2017 - Artnet — Watch Street Artists Give Old Master Paintings a Downtown Makeover

2017 - Widewalls — Sotheby's Teams up with Street Artists to Reinterpret Master Paintings!

2017 - Vice — Street Artists Remix Old Masterpieces

2017 - Mikeshake — Tomaso Albertini : Cardboard works, pop culture, and art

Artistic Work Experience

2020 - “The street art project”at The Bowery Union. New York 

2019 - Collective show at "The living Artist art center.” New York

2019 - Solo Show "Portraits of reflection" Lazy Suzan Gallery. New York 

2019 - Collective show "Cookies for Kids Cancer.” New York

2018 - Collective show Legacy Gallery. New York

2018 - Collective show "Con Artist All Stars" 198 Allen street. New York

2018 - Solo show "EVOLUTION" 198 Allen street. New York 

2018 - Collective show "Cookies for Kids' Cancer.” New York 

2017 - Urban Art Fair (FatFreeArt Gallery). New York

2017 - "Old master meet the streets” collaboration with Sotheby's at Fatfreeart Gallery. New York

2017 - Superfine Art Fair with ConArtist. New York

2017 - "Bizzarre Bazaar" collective in FatFreeArt Gallery. New York 

2016 - "Skin" solo show at Greenpoint Galley. New York

2016 - “New York Shitty" collective show by ConArtist. New York 

2015-solo show in MAIMERI FOUNDATION. Milan 

2014 - Collective in Gallery Previtali. Milan

2013 - Biennale Internazionale d' arte moderna contemporanea in Nizza Monferrato. Italy

2012 - "B-side of the city" in Gallery Previtali. Milan

2011 - "OLTRE" solo show in Metropolis Cafè. Milan

2010 - "Logos e Phatos" biennale di Ferrara. Ferrara 

2010 - Performance live in Chiostro di sant' Anna. Ferrara

2010 - "I Coloristi" in Gallery Il Borgo. Milan 

2009-"Allunaggio"Gallery 9 Colonne. Ferrara 

2009-"Allunaggio"Gallery D’Ars. Milan

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