In December 2015 Tomaso Albertini leaves Milano Italy to land in New York City

This city will change Tomaso forever, both artistically and personally.

The artist immediately creates something unique and innovative that will become his brand, creating the perfect fusion between sculpture and painting.

The material used is cardboard, symbol of a consumerist New York, which can be found in all street corners.

The recycled material becomes a work of art, the "skin" of consumeristic products that is discarded becomes the artist's visions.

The characters of the paintings gain a shadow of their own with this technique which changes according to the light and the point of view of the spectator

After little over a year the streets of New York influence the artist’s color choice more warm and full of contrasts.

Working on the Lower East side at the ConArtist collective Tomaso had the opportunity to be able to immerse himself in the contemporary artistic scene in the heart of the metropolis.

His characters are symbols of a contradiction in the same city, where extreme poverty clashes with wealth in a surreal balance.

Albertini has worked with Fat Free Art gallery and Sotheby's, among other relevant galleries and auction houses and has been featured on publications including D/railed Mag and The Guardian.

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Tomaso Albertini - Painter
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