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A unique three-dimensional art technique

A unique style and technique of portraits through the use of cardboard, a symbol of the consumerist New York. The use of cardboard as a medium is a social metaphor. Cardboard is used as a packaging tool for consumer products. It is often considered waste. In my work reused cardboard becomes the skin of my figures, which in itself enclose the complexities and contradictions of the human heart.  

The artist creates three-dimensional art that allows him to shape the figure as if it were a sculpture and then paint on it as if it were a canvas. This unique technique introduces dynamics approaching sculpture. It is, in fact, a hybrid manifestation.

New dreams, fears and hopes appear in the soul of the characters in the paintings. The new works are enriched with new details, such as the use of hidden words and natural elements. The three-dimensional technique guarantees a further realism that seems to clash with a barely hinted abstraction.


The artist creates paintings with the aim of raising public awareness towards a new sustainable future. ​These works are a series of portraits that transform the human being into a new eco-human entity. Figures of a modern hero who represent those people who care for and struggle daily to preserve the environment.

A character that symbolizes the fusion between human and animal and plant world and that will characterize his future works. 


The overbearing colors of NYC’s street art reflected in the paintings blend with natural elements and give life to a unique, dynamic and three-dimensional abstraction 

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